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Mohawk Aero Corp  offers the absolute finest power plants available in any market today for the experimental aircraft homebuilder.  Here you can find our featured line of "Yamaha Genesis Extreme 4" based engine conversion kits.   Here are the basic specs:

  • 150 HP
  • 4-cylinder
  • 100% Liquid cooled (not just the heads, ala Rotax)
  • 125 lbs engine weight
  • Dry sump
  • Heated carbs or EFI
  • Internal harmonic vibration damping
  • 4.0 GPH @ 70% power, 4.5 GPH @ 75%, 5.0 GPH @ 80%
  • Exceptionally broad power band


Mohawk GT4 Arrow Engine

AC LRT 06.15

AC-LRT 600

AC-LRT 700

Long Range Gyrocopter

Shown is an Air Command with the GT4 engine, and long range tank behind the front seat which can be removed in a minute or two.  Then the rear tandem seat can be re-installed, along with the control cyclic to make this gyrocopter a trainer.

 GTA Collar Installed

GTA Adapter Installed

YG4 Right Side

YG3 qtr view

the Wicked Rear Qtr View

Note the back seat and cyclic is in installed in this photo.  Also, the rear rudder pedal cluster is always in place, it is not removable, as is the rear throttle quadrant. 

YG4 Rear view

Wicked right side view

Wicked nose view

Wicked left side view