FAA Advocates are ready to help you. At Mohawk Aero we know how difficult and intimidating it can be to deal with the FAA, from getting your Experimental Aircraft certificated, to getting your license, to dealing with annual issues, to dealing with unpleasant surprises and upsets. We can help you get through it. Our experienced team of FAA advocates ready and available to help our pilot and builder brothers and sisters stay safe, stay legal, and avoid costly mistakes - both on the ground and in the air. Private DAR inspection can be very costly, but in some cases we can get your aircraft certificated for a fraction of the cost of a private DAR service. Likewise, getting your Sport Pilot License can also cost a good chunk of cash after you get your log book endorsements, as the availability of private Gyro-Copter DPEs is currently limited to perhaps one, maybe two - in the entire USA! In certain areas and cases we can also help you get around those fixed costs of $400 - $500 for the DPE services to obtain your SPY license, and arrange to have the FAA do it for free plus minor associated expenses we will incur to make the arrangements for you. In most cases we can save pilot/builders $800 in licensing and certification costs. Please find and click the "CONTACT US" button on any Mohawk Aero Corp page footer and ask for someone to contact you directly for more information and specific help with your unique situation.

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